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Unique All-In-One Changing Table
and Baby Bath

Introducing the ShowerBaby®, a fresh new way to change diapers and give babies a bath safely and easily. Unique patented design gives you the option of cleaning messy baby bottoms with a shower wand instead of wipes.

Shower sensation soothes babies, so they are happier and more cooperative while changing. Plus, it allows you to change diapers in the bathroom, where there is an exhaust fan, good lighting, easy-to-clean floors, and a better area to control odors, and germs.

Cleaning babies with fresh running water is also the best and most gentle way to prevent and treat diaper rash naturally. The shower wand is most convenient for heavily soiled diaper changing, when multiple wipes are required. The ShowerBaby®'s easy washable surface eliminates the worry of soiling the changing table or pad, especially if the baby goes again while changing.

Safe, Easy Bathing

The ShowerBaby® is also a safer way of bathing babies compared to slippery adult tubs, bath rings or portable baby bath tubs used in kitchen sinks or on tables and countertops. You never have to worry about an accidental drowning because the water drains into the commode as the baby is washed. The ShowerBaby® always provides a stable, safe place for bathing babies at a comfortable working height! Eliminates sore knees or strained backs from giving baths in the adult tub.

Saves Money

The ShowerBaby® pays for itself by saving money on disposable wipes and diaper rash ointments. Over the diapering years a baby can use more than 30,000 disposable wipes, costing up to $1100.00 per child.

The ShowerBaby® provides parents with an ergonomically designed, convenient, money and space saving, fold down, all-in-one, changing table & baby bath, located where diapers should be changed -- in the bathroom!

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