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Mora Quintuplets Get Major League Treatment Thanks to ShowerBaby®

Baltimore Orioles' Leadoff Hitter Pitches In at Bath Time

For Major leaguer Melvin Mora, being prepared to play left field one day and shortstop the next was nothing compared with the daunting challenge of bathing his five babies. That's why the Mora family loves their ShowerBaby®, a new combination diaper-changing table and bath.

"Until we got the ShowerBaby, Melvin just couldn't bathe the babies," said Gisel Mora, Melvin's wife and one of fewer than 400 women in the world ever to give birth to quintuplets. "He's so big and strong, you just don't think of a world-class athlete being afraid to do anything. But accidents can happen so quickly to babies in the bathroom. Now that we have the ShowerBaby, Melvin loves to bathe the babies, and they love it too."

When it's bath time for Christian, Matthew, Rebekah, Jada, and Genesis, the ShowerBaby® table is pulled down from its out-of-the-way resting position. In turn, each baby is secured on the soft, inclined surface with a coated safety belt, so there is no danger of the baby getting off the table. Using a spray wand that is attached to the faucet, Melvin or Gisel washes each baby clean with warm water. The soapy water drains through a tube right into the toilet. The surface stays clean and there is no standing water.

"My babies are so important to me," says Melvin. "Unless I am on the field, I am thinking about them. It's hard to be away from them for so long when we are on the road. But now when I'm home I can do more to help take care of them, just like every good father wants to. It's not just to help Gisel, it's really to be the best father I can be."

According to Gisel, the babies are just as happy about the ShowerBaby® as their parents.

"Christian is the most active of the five. But he lays still on the ShowerBaby and loves to be pampered with the water from the spray wand.

"Rebekah is pretty funny. As soon as you sit her in the ShowerBaby and she sees the wand go on, she opens her mouth so you can shoot the water in it. She just keeps her mouth open and lets the water run out. She does it until bath time is over

"Matthew is pretty solid. He has a lot of strength. During his bath, he likes to sit on the ShowerBaby and bounce on it. He's also very ticklish, so I use the trigger on the spray wand to shoot streams of water at his different ticklish spots. He has so much fun it's just adorable to watch him enjoy his bath.

"Genesis and Jada have special needs. They are fed via G-Tube. Keeping them clean was very uncomfortable for them when we had to rub the area around the tubes with a washcloth. ShowerBaby makes cleaning a lot easier for us and a lot more comfortable for them."

ShowerBaby® can also be used as a changing table. In addition to making changing time more relaxing for parent and child, ShowerBaby® dramatically reduces the need for chemically treated wipes and helps prevent diaper rash.

"Whenever one of the babies has a big mess, we head right for the ShowerBaby," adds Gisel. "There's no worry about the mess going everywhere. And since the table gets washed off with the wand and everything goes into the toilet, it's the perfect solution to what used to be a big problem."

Now, thanks to ShowerBaby®, when the Mora quintuplets head for the shower after a big day in the playpen, parents Gisel and Melvin Mora take it in stride.

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