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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In order to avoid getting the baby's clothing wet while using the spray wand for rinsing, is it necessary to completely undress the baby before changing diapers on the ShowerBaby®?

A: No. You only need to remove shorts or pants, just as you normally do when changing diapers. Shirts and jumper suits can be rolled up under the baby's upper back area. The ShowerBaby® was designed so the baby is relaxing on an inclined surface, which drains the water away from both baby and clothing. By the time most babies start wearing shoes and socks on a regular basis, their legs are long enough to rest on the end of the Babidét, out of the bath. Therefore, shoes and socks can usually be left on. The end of the ShowerBaby® was designed to comfortably support the back of the baby's legs as they grow.

Q: Do you have to dry the ShowerBaby® before raising it for storage, when quick access to the commode is required?

A: No. The ShowerBaby® was designed to quickly drain and can be raised immediately after rinsing. The top of the hinge has a water catch area so the ShowerBaby® can drip dry in the up position.

Q: Will the ShowerBaby® work with all commodes?

A: The ShowerBaby® will work with any standard size commode that has a tank no wider than 22" and no taller than 30".

Q: Do you have to worry about the commode overflowing when using the ShowerBaby®?

A: No. Commodes are designed to never overflow no matter how much water you pour into them, unless they were clogged up first.

Q: Do all bathrooms have sinks located next to the commode?

A: Most homes have at least one bathroom where the sink and commode are located within six feet of each other. Master bathrooms are usually the only bathrooms where the sink and commode are not located together.

Q: Is the ShowerBaby® recyclable?

A: Yes.

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