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Improves Baby's Hygiene & Prevents Diaper Rash Naturally

a_betterhygiene.jpg (16455 bytes)With the ShowerBaby®, you can clean your child naturally with fresh running water when changing diapers, instead of using costly and messy disposable wipes. Cleaning with fresh running water is also the healthiest, most effective, and gentlest way of removing rash-causing germs and bacteria from your baby's sensitive skin. Just using wash cloths and disposable wipes to clean a baby when changing diapers, especially messy ones, can leave a bacteria film on the baby's skin, causing diaper rash problems, urinary tract infections and the spread of germs. With the ShowerBaby®, parents can now easily clean their babies natural way with fresh running water, rinsing the germs and bacteria down the drain. Pediatricians and baby health care professionals recommend that using soap and/or water after removing soiled diapers is the most effective and gentle way of cleaning a baby's sensitive skin and one of the best ways of preventing diaper rash. The ShowerBaby® also allows parents to keep their hands cleaner when changing messy diapers, further reducing the spread of germs and bacteria.

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