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About Our Product

The ShowerBaby® is manufactured in the USA by a privately held and operated company located in Pompano Beach, Florida. The ShowerBaby® was developed and designed over a ten year period by parents who tested the system with their own children, changing tens of thousands of diapers and giving thousands of baths on it. We believe the ShowerBaby®'s patented, ergonomic, space saving design is the most practical, hygienic, easiest and safest way to change and bathe a child.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide parents and baby care professionals in the New Millennium with an alternative to conventional methods of bathing and diapering babies. Our goal is to manufacture a state of the art, quality made, money-saving changing and bathing system that will accommodate babies throughout the entire diapering years. Our guiding principle above all else is "quality and integrity". We welcome your comments and suggestions, and we attempt to promptly answer every inquiry. Should you need to contact us by mail, please direct inquiries to:

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