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How The ShowerBaby®
Saves You Money

The average baby uses over 7000 diapers and more than 31,000 disposable wipes over the diapering years which is usually about 2 and a half to 3 years.  This figure is based on changing 8 diapers per day, using 4 disposable wipes per change, 7 days a week, for 2 and 3/4 years or 973 days.

General Break-Down of Usage

  • 973 days x 8 diapers per day = 7,784 changes
  • 8 diaper changes per day x 4 disposable wipes per change = 32 wipes per day
  • 32 disposable wipes per day x 973 days of diaper changing = 31,136 wipes
  • The average box of disposable wipes cost about $3.00 and contains 80 wipes
  • 31,000 wipes divided by 80 wipes per box = 387.5 boxes of wipes
  • 387.5 boxes of wipes x $3.00 per box = $1,162.50

  • That puts the total cost of disposable wipes throughout the diapering years at close to $1,200.00 (with much grace given to that figure ... the actual figure is almost always much higher).

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