Shower Baby
by Coolcraft

How it Works
Better Hygiene
Easy Changing
Saves Money
Saves Space
Safe Easy Bath
Shower Wand
Ergonomic Design
Easy to Install
Storage Shelves and Towel Rack
Helps Environment
Cool Links
Parent's Testimonials


Thank you for your interest in ordering a ShowerBaby.

Thank you for your interest in ordering a ShowerBaby.

At this time the ShowerBaby is not available for purchase. We hope to have the ShowerBaby available for purchase again real soon. If you’re interested in ordering a ShowerBaby please let us know by sending us an e-mail or submit the following contact form.

Please accept our apology for this interruption in production of the ShowerBaby. We look forward to receiving your e-mails and comments about your interest in ordering the ShowerBaby. As soon as the ShowerBaby is available again we will be happy to contact you.


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